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SPOTKICK Classic Complete Set- Warehouse Edition

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SPOTKICK Complete Set - Warehouse Edition sets do not feature the SPOTKICK logo on the side.

You get everything included in the SPOTKICK Set, PLUS our handsome carry bag at a discounted price. SPOTKICK goals are ultra-high-quality and easy to carry, but you’ll look like a true boss when you show up to the party with the SPOTKICK carry bag...all while protecting your new soccer game.  NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED

The Spotkick Complete Set includes:

  • Two, new and improved, premium wood construction Spotkick Goals with clear coat finish so its built to last.
  • Improvements make the goals more stable and durable.
  • One Spotkick lightweight soccer ball specifically created for maximum enjoyment.
  • 4 Spotkick cones for ease of play
  • 1 handsome carrying case for taking the best new backyard game on the road. It also serves as great protection while storing your game
  • A training aid disguised as a fun game (shush, don't tell your kids!)
  • A great time hanging out with friends while enjoying the beautiful game in a whole new way.  
  • The ability to easily accommodate 8-12 players at once.  No more sitting around endlessly waiting for your turn to play.  
  • Perfect for ages 10 and up!
  • Modified rules for beginners and players under 10.

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