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Friends and Family Pre-Sale Info

Q & A about the Pre-Sale

When will pre-sales begin?  When will they end? 

 Pre-sales will begin on Tuesday, November 24 and will continue until SPOTKICK is in stock (expected March 2021).

Why is this a pre-sale?  When can I expect delivery of SPOTKICK and/or accessory items?

Well, that’s not a simple answer but to be safe, you should expect delivery in mid to late March. I chose to raise money through pre-orders on my own website rather than use the typical “crowdfunding platforms” for a variety of reasons. I won’t bore you with the details.

I will, however, tell you the main reason: I believe in our soccer community.

I’m reaching out to the true soccer enthusiasts I know around the country to bring this game to life. By ordering now, you will help a fellow soccer player realize a big dream. Not to mention you’ll be among first in the entire world to own this awesome, revolutionary soccer backyard game. You’ll become a true pioneer of this great game.

I’ve worked with my team for the last three years to arrive at this point, and I know we’re just getting started. I have filed for patents to acquire legal protection, created a company, wrote a business plan, built a website, designed and built multiple prototypes, then tested, reworked, and tested again. Most importantly, I’ve perfected the SPOTKICK goal using only the best materials to ensure an ultra-high-quality product.

I’ve also designed the perfect ball to accompany the SPOTKICK goal. I even created SPOTKICK-specific cones for ease of play. I’ve obsessed over the smallest details so that SPOTKICK becomes the next big thing, a huge boost to the soccer community we love so much. 

A group of trusted friends has helped me bring this amazing idea from concept-stage to your backyard. We’ve ensured that when your SPOTKICK arrives, you’ll be out playing within minutes, enjoying “the beautiful game” in a whole new way. Oh, did I forget to mention no assembly required?  That’s right—from the moment SPOTKICK arrives, simply pump up your SPOTKICK ball and start playing. 

You have my vow: I will work tirelessly with my team to make sure you remain a delighted customer. We will fill orders in the order received.  

All my best, 

Stephen Franzke 


Proposed Timeline
 November 24, 2020 Pre-Order Sales Begin
December 1, 2020 Bulk order placed with manufacturer
January 20, 2021 SPOTKICK manufacturing is complete and begins its journey to the United States.
March 2021 SPOTKICK and all accessories arrive and orders are filled and shipped. 
Late March 2021 SPOTKICK arrives at your door. Simply open the box and start enjoying the awesome new backyard game that raises YOUR game!