General Questions

How are Spotkick goals constructed?
Our goals are constructed of premium 1x2s for the frames and 1/2″ Birch plywood game surface (“crossbar” and “posts”). The goals are strong enough to withstand gameplay with our lightweight Spotkick soccer ball OR a standard soccer ball. You should never sit or stand on the Spotkick goal for obvious safety reasons.
Are the “posts” (legs) retractable?
Yes, the posts (legs) of the Spotkick goals are hinged and fold under for flat storage and transportation.
Can the goals be left outside when not being played?
While all Spotkick goals are coated with polyurethane to protect them from the elements, we do not recommend leaving the goals outside when not in play. The lifespan of the Spotkick goals will be shortened significantly if they are exposed to rain/moisture. Since we use cabinet grade plywood for quality, quick temperature fluctuations, coupled with moisture can damage your goals.
Do you offer custom made Spotkick goals?
Not yet but coming soon! We will announce when custom goals are available so you can put your club logo, badge or really any artwork you want on the Spotkick goal.

Gameplay Questions

How do I play if I only have one SPOTKICK goal?
All of the scoring is the same as described above. The only difference is that you start the game with a specified kicker and receiver. Players on both teams switch roles when the first team reaches 13 points.
If the ball stops rolling and part of the ball is in the goal, does it count?
No, just like in a real soccer game, the whole ball must cross the whole line to be awarded full points. For example, if the kicker attempts a “classic” shot, the entire ball must cross the front edge of the goal. It does not need to cross completely through the goal and out the other side. The same is true if the scoring team attempts to score a “reverse”. In that case, the ball must completely pass the reverse entry of the goal.
Is my partner (trapper) allowed in front of the goal to redirect it?
Yes, the receiver is allowed to move anywhere but players can only score points if the receiver touches the ball in the air. If the ball hits the ground and then gets redirected, no points are awarded.
Can a player receiving the ball extend their leg over the goal as long as they don't touch the goal?
The short answer is no. A player may not touch the goal and no body part may enter the space above the Spotkick goal. We have seen players attempt to "slam dunk" the ball with the sole of their foot but this action is not allowed.
If the ball is redirected out of the air but hits the ground before hitting the goal, is it still worth 3 points?
No, the ball must hit the goal without hitting the ground to earn 3 points. If the ball hits the ground before hitting the goal, no points are awarded.
What happens if the goal falls over after being hit?
No points are awarded if the goal falls over. This is a game of skill and finesse, and the ball should not be shot at the goal.
What happens if a team scores more than 25 points?
If a team exceeds 25 points, then they deduct that number from their current score. For example, a team has 24 and then scores 3 points. The 3 points are deducted from 24 as a penalty, and they now have 21. Play continues. You must plan to score enough to get EXACTLY 25 points. That’s part of the fun!
What happens if there is a tie?
If both teams have taken an equal number of opportunities to score (rounds) and the score is tied, the teams go into overtime. Overtime consists of one full, additional round. The team that scores the most points in that round is declared the winner. If the score is tied again, this process repeats until a team wins. Teams must complete the full round. There is no "sudden death."

Shipping Questions

How do you ship Spotkick and accessories?
We ship all of our games and accessories via UPS or USPS Ground unless another method is required.
How much does it cost to ship Spotkick?
We offer flat rate ground shipping based off of where you are sending the order. Those charges are either $25 or $35 per unit. Shipping charges can be seen at checkout when you enter your shipping address, prior to completing the order. More detailed information can also be found in the shipping link at the bottom of this page.
Is expedited shipping available?
We offer a variety of delivery options at checkout, but if you need the game faster than shown on our site please contact us at contact@spotkickgame for assistance.
Why does it cost this much to ship?
In order to create a wonderful playing experience, the Spotkick goal is large (bigger scoring area = more success and fun) and therefore is more expensive to ship than smaller boxes. I will work tirelessly with carriers to offer the lowest rates possible.
How much does it cost to ship accessories?
Accessories carry a $5 flat rate shipping cost.
How long will it take to ship? When can I expect my order?
Please allow 2 business days to process your order and initiate shipping. Depending on the final destination, shipping can take anywhere from 1-5 days. Long story short, please allow 4-8 days until you receive your order.