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SPOTKICK: The backyard game that raises YOUR game!


5 Star Reviews


Awesome game

This game is a lot of fun for kids and adults. We have taken it to several parties. Easy to transport with the carrying bag. Great customer service. Had a minor issue and it was addressed in less than 24 hours.

K. Shelby


Great product, fun game and fast shipping!

Our whole family loves Spotkick!

W. Souza


Fun game-amazing service

This game is a blast. My sons, who are teammates, had gotten bored with typical practicing at home and this game has breathed new life into the game they love!

C. Sharer

Built to last!

SPOTKICK 2.0 is even stronger than the original! The construction is similar to a premium cornhole set. 100% premium wood construction and a clear coat of polyurethane veneer to protect this product and provide years of enjoyment!

Easy setup and storage!

It only takes a few second to set up the goals for gameplay and when you aren't out enjoying this awesome game, it won't take up much room in your shed or garage. SPOTKICK easily folds up and can be stored almost anywhere.

Variety of playing options

SPOTKICK was designed for maximum enjoyment for all. You can play with one goal or two. While standard gameplay requires 2 teams of 2 players, there are also rules for 1v1 matchups and modified rules for young ballers.

Professional Player Avery John on SPOTKICK