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Thank you for making our dreams come true!!

SPOTKICK was born in my yard with this motley crew but everyone on the SPOTKICK team—my parents, my siblings, my three boys, my girlfriend, and my lifelong best friend, Kevin—plays a role essential to team success. Rounding out the team are several friends and co-workers, along with current and former students. Bringing this product to your doorstep takes teamwork, and we’re firing on all cylinders. I am so thankful to all of them.

More About Coach Steve Franzke

I’m normally modest to a fault, but since you’re considering spending your hard-earned money on my product, it’s best if you got to know me.

I’ve built my life around soccer. I attended The American University on a full athletic scholarship, enjoyed an amazing four years playing there, and was fortunate enough to be inducted into the AU Hall of Fame in 2013. Check out my induction speech here or watch below.

I tried out for a few MLS teams, but never made a roster. I played a few seasons in the USISL for the semi-pro Lehigh Valley Steam and Long Island RoughRiders. By twenty-five, I realized I wasn’t going to live my dream of playing in the MLS. I was crushed.

So, with only shattered dreams and harsh realities in hand, I wondered what I’d do with my life. I’d always planned on going to law school, but that would mean leaving the game and people I loved so much. What’s a washed-up athlete to do?

I got it! Become a physical education teacher and soccer coach! I may joke about it now, but it was a great choice: I now have over twenty years experience of coaching soccer and teaching PE under my belt. Therefore, I know more than most about soccer and the fundamental elements of games that keep kids (and everyone else) engaged.

And that’s why I’m so excited about SPOTKICK—and why you should be too. 

My Vision

While falling short of my dream was disappointing, the best part of my forty-plus years in the game has been the friendships. So many amazing people live in this world, but oftentimes it’s far too easy to notice only our differences. 

That’s why I love this game so much. The soccer ball, this little magical sphere—it’s all you need to bring people together. It bridges language, race, social status, and religion. 

Now, I want to bring people together through this beautiful game in a whole new way.  I’m fusing my love of the game and of people together with the knowledge gained through coaching and teaching for two decades. 

Ultimately, we enjoy playing games we’re good at. I knew I needed a game easy enough for a beginner to feel successful, but also challenging enough to keep advanced players engaged. After more hours than I care to admit, one sunny afternoon as I sat on my deck staring at the lawn and my kids thinking “I’ve lost it,” the design came to me.  BOOM. 

In a fever of inspiration, I dragged my power tools out and cobbled together my first prototype. Several years, countless design changes, and hours of gameplay with my kids later, I finally perfected the design and rules of play, found a manufacturer, and readied this beauty of a goal for all to enjoy. 

So, over sixty years of combined soccer and physical education experience allows me to say this comfortably and confidently: SPOTKICK is the best backyard game in the entire world for soccer players. 

Oh, and did I mention you will improve your soccer skills while you play? Yes, that’s the truth. But don’t tell the kids…they’d prefer to think it's just a game! 

Soccer players around the world...it’s game on. SPOTKICK is here...the backyard game that raises YOUR game.

**For more information about how this game will make you a better player, check out the “Training Aid” tab.


Founder and President - Stephen Franzke
Video / Image Creator - James Fitzpatrick
Editor-in-Chief - Dan Malossi
Social Media Manager - Aidan Franzke
Product Testers - Jake Franzke and Kevin Koehn

Bookkeeper - Justine Franzke
Website Creator - Michael Gamman
Designated Pain in the Butt - Cole Franzke