Meet Our Team

Stephen FranzkeFounder and President

Aside from everything you’ve read above, you should know Steve’s family is convinced he loves SPOTKICK more than he loves them. The evidence? He regularly daydreams about the backyard game: any time he passes an empty patch of grass, Steve envisions swarms of SPOTKICKers playing the game he invented and loves so much. Only horrified shouts from the backseat have saved the Franzke family from dozens of daydream-induced car accidents…thankfully we are all still alive to play more SPOTKICK!

Aidan FranzkeDirector of Marketing

As eldest son and therefore rightful heir to the SPOTKICK empire, Aidan has been by his dad’s side from Day One. Aidan was originally skeptical of taking the game to market, but once Dad went ahead and did it anyway, he has been completely loyal and super-helpful—even admitting he was wrong in rare moments of weakness. Steve and Aidan spend hours together discussing marketing ideas, testing and developing products, and attending live events. Dad is so grateful for the additional time SPOTKICK has allowed them to spend together.

Jake “The Logo” Franzke“Figuring it out”

Jake tends to rest on his greatest accomplishment: being the “kicking kid” pictured in the SPOTKICK logo. The company had a stock art photo all picked out, but our Image Creator, James Fitzpatrick, had the brilliant idea of using one of the SPOTKICK boys. Jake was the only one home at the time, so becoming “The Logo” fell to him. Since that day, his contributions have been quite modest. But Jake always steps up when forced to do something—like, say, being the logo—however, voluntary service hasn’t been part of the equation just yet.  

Cole FranzkeSocial Media Superstar and Designated Pain in the Butt

Cole has featured prominently in many of our social media posts and is perhaps personally responsible (as he firmly believes) for over eight million views across all channels. He and his lawyers have cooked up an ever-increasing contract rider (he is currently demanding only blue M&M’s at all events and negotiating for a piece of the business). Truth be told, Cole absolutely loves playing SPOTKICK with his Dad and his brothers—which is how and why this whole thing started.

Marissa PragerSourcing, Manufacturing, and Full-Time Therapist

Marissa handles all communications with our manufacturers and ensures products are in stock.  An even-bigger part of her job is listening to Steve complain as he careens off the rails. The life of an entrepreneur can be stressful, and Marissa holds the ship together.

Kevin “Vin Diesel” KoehnLifelong friend and Logistics Coordinator

Once SPOTKICK receives an order, Kevin takes over, making sure the pieces get out of our warehouse and to your front door as seamlessly and quickly as possible. He has also appeared in several videos, on which someone always comments, “Why is Vin Diesel there?”

Justine FranzkeAccounting Manager and #1 Supporter

Someone needs to do the not-so-fun job of keeping the SPOTKICK books (NOT IT!!), and Justine has taken firm charge of the situation. People tell Steve to go on Shark Tank all the time, so when Mr. Wonderful says, “Tell us the numbers,” we’ll know how well Justine has done her job by whether the sharks eat Steve alive…or not.

Dan MalossiEditor-in-Chief and King of all Voiceovers

Steve might be great at playing soccer and inventing games, but he is a terrible writer. Dan, who has edited professionally for many years, and Steve—who hasn’t—became close friends twenty years ago when they met as rookie teachers. Most copywriting and editing goes through Dan, so if you read something with poor grammar, understand that Steve went completely rogue and wrote it himself, and that Dan is off somewhere screaming curses into a pillow.

James FitzpatrickVideo and Image Creator

We at SPOTKICK believe in authenticity, so the majority of pictures and videos used in marketing came right from our iPhones; however, sometimes you’ll see something that looks professionally produced—in that case, James was responsible. Check out @fitzstudios on Instagram for more incredible work from James.

More About Steve Franzke

My Vision

While falling short of my dream was disappointing, the best part of my forty-plus years in the game has been the friendships. So many amazing people live in this world, but oftentimes it’s far too easy to notice only our differences.

That’s why I love this game so much. The soccer ball, this little magical sphere—it’s all you need to bring people together. It bridges language, race, social status, and religion.

Now, I want to bring people together through this beautiful game in a whole new way. I’m fusing my love of the game and of people together with the knowledge gained through coaching and teaching for two decades.

Ultimately, we enjoy playing games we’re good at. I knew I needed a game easy enough for a beginner to feel successful, but also challenging enough to keep advanced players engaged. After more hours than I care to admit, one sunny afternoon as I sat on my deck staring at the lawn and my kids thinking “I’ve lost it,” the design came to me. BOOM.

In a fever of inspiration, I dragged my power tools out and cobbled together my first prototype. Several years, countless design changes, and hours of gameplay with my kids later, I finally perfected the design and rules of play, found a manufacturer, and readied this beauty of a goal for all to enjoy.

So, over sixty years of combined soccer and physical education experience allows me to say this comfortably and confidently: SPOTKICK is the best backyard game in the entire world for soccer players.

Oh, and did I mention you will improve your soccer skills while you play? Yes, that’s the truth. But don’t tell the kids…they’d prefer to think it's just a game!

Soccer players around the’s game on. SPOTKICK is here...the backyard game that raises YOUR game.

**For more information about how this game will make you a better player, check out the “Training Aid” tab.