Training Aid

SPOTKICK: Your New Favorite Soccer Training Aid


If you’ve come to this page, you’re probably still on the fence.  Yeah, this SPOTKICK thing looks cool...but is it worth the money?  As the father of three soccer players, I can tell you this: it absolutely is.  

Let me explain. 

SPOTKICK is more than just an amazing, super-fun, ultra-competitive backyard game. The goal and its accessories double as super-effective training aids. Think about it: how much have you spent on trainer’s fees? Worse, how much WILL you spend in the future? Trainer fees, plus tournament fees, clinics, one-on-one sessions, and more. 

Add it up! I know, I’s depressing. For my family, it’s in the thousands. And not three or four thousand…we’re talking about college-tuition-level money. 

The problem? Even the best trainers can’t provide enough opportunities for kids to learn basic soccer skills in a ninety-minute session. These players need to do some serious work on their own if they want to develop mastery of the ball.  

Let’s also face some facts: with all of the technology available right now, dragging kids outside to practice skills on their own is largely a thing of the past.  Why in the world would they kick a ball against a wall 100 times to improve their passing and trapping skills when they can watch Youtube and Tik Tok all day?  

Simple answer: they won’t.  

Only truly unique kids possess the motivation to train regularly on their own. My children are not these types. When we started testing SPOTKICK prototypes, I learned I had spent all this money, and they STILL didn’t know how to chip or chest-trap a ball at 15 and 17 years old. It was an eye-opening moment. After time spent in our yard perfecting SPOTKICK, however, I've seen tremendous improvement in their game. 

This was the moment I knew I had something special.

With over 20 years of coaching soccer and teaching physical education behind me, I know how kids learn. As a former collegiate soccer player, I also know that playing at a high level requires a wide range of technical skills. Passing, shooting, and ball control are essential, and when you add SPOTKICK to your routine, you get training tools for all three.

Best of all, playing SPOTKICK ensures your child will be fully engaged and actually learning while they play.  

I’ve run plenty of skill drills only to watch my players “go through the motions.” Very little learning occurs. The best training sessions actually occur when I turn every drill and activity into a mini-game or competition. Engagement skyrockets, and so does learning.

When someone plays SPOTKICK, they enjoy hundreds of opportunities to pass and trap the ball. And best of all, these opportunities mimic what actually occurs in a game! This isn’t tossing a ball at a partner’s thigh ten, twenty, thirty times. BORING.

In SPOTKICK gameplay, the ball comes on and the receiver has to move, decide which body part should control the ball, and decide what part of the SPOTKICK goal to target.