My teammates and I love this game and play every day before training. It is such a great way to get some touches in without working too hard.

Hailie Mace
Professional soccer player
Kansas City Current

During my time with the New England Revolution, we played a game similar to this all this time. We used garbage cans as the targets and made up our own rules. Players can now enjoy this fun, light-hearted, competitive game and improve their touch at the same time.

Avery John
Professional soccer player
2006 World Cup Player for Trinidad and Tobago


I’ve always been a technical player and I love how this game focuses on technique. The emphasis in the game is on developing a great first touch which is crucial to playing at a high level.

Antonio Otero
Professional Soccer Player


What a fantastic idea and product! We have enjoyed countless hours already having fun with Spotkick. This is something I will be recommending to my teams as its a great way to hone skills whilst having a blast.

Gerry Lucy Hofstra University
Asst. Women’s Soccer Coach
Long Island Soccer Club Staff Coach


I’ve been coaching at both the youth and collegiate levels for over 30 years, and I know players can never get too many touches on the ball. SPOTKICK gets players outside, gets them more touches. And what is best about this game is that every touch counts. They won’t be going through the motions like when parents force their kids to practice.

Greg Franzke
Former George Mason University Assistant Coach


Awesome for Player Development!  This is a great tool for enhancing a players' touch on the ball while providing more elements like distribution and finesse to their game outside of practice.  This is great to break out before practice, at a team bonding event, or anytime.  We have thoroughly enjoyed this product and will recommend to anyone who asks.

Brigham Parker
High School Soccer Coach, Madison, AL


Awesome party game

This game is absolutely amazing for any soccer players or competitive people. Just the right amount of challenge with a ton of fun. Highly recommend!!

Rachele D.