Why soccer clubs and coaches should use SPOTKICK

SPOTKICK is a game that helps you improve your soccer skills!

  • It's fun and helps you get better at passing/receiving
  • Players love playing it
  • It's a great activity for recovery and competition days
  • Great team bonding activity
  • You can practice with it before or after regular practices
  • It's easy to set up and put away
  • You can have tournaments with it
  • Coaches can change the rules to fit their training goal
  • It's easy to store in a closet when you're not using it

Train Like the Pros!

Ali Hall
US Women's Beach National Team Captain
2021 Beach Player of the Year

This game is seriously addicting and such a great way for my teammates and I to work on our touch!

Hallie Mace
US Women’s National Team
Kansas City Current

My teammates and I love this game and play every day before training. It is such a great way to get some touches in without working too hard.

Avery John
Professional soccer player

In college and as a professional player, I often played in games like this. Now, players can have fun and compete while also improving their touch with SPOTKICK.

Hear from Our Fans

We have enjoyed countless hours already having fun with SPOTKICK. This is something I will be recommending to my teams as its a great way to hone skills whilst having a blast.

Gerry Lucy
Hofstra University Asst. Women’s Soccer Coach
Long Island Soccer Club Staff Coach

I absolutely love this game. I received it just in time for my beach trip with friends. We all played soccer together in high school and are now in our 40’s so this was the perfect game for us. We played the entire weekend.

J. Runk
Virginia PE Teacher